Putting the Cosmetics Pieces Together

Top Benefits Of Waterless Hand Wash

When you think about washing your hands, you might think about doing it in the traditional way, using soap and water. However, there are other methods that can be used for cleaning your hands, too. For example, there are waterless hand wash products on the market that you can purchase. Although there will still be times when you'll need to wash your hands in the more traditional way, using waterless hand wash can be beneficial in many situations for these reasons and more. Read More 

Glutathione Powder: How This Antioxidant Supplement Benefits Health & Beauty

Like many people, you likely try to eat a healthy diet and exercise when you can in order to stay in good health. While you may also want to take a supplement that supports good health, you may glance at the supplement aisle in your local grocery or big-box store and become overwhelmed at all of the supplement options. One supplement everyone should consider taking to improve not just their health, but also their appearance is glutathione. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Using Vegan Acne Pad Is Important

If you have heard of vegan acne pads, then you surely want to know if they are the best option for your skin. If you are anything like most people, then you have tried and possibly even wasted money on a variety of products that were not effective. Typically, people buy these products in hopes that they will see a change in their skin but get frustrated and give up on the products. Read More 

3 Things To Know Before Getting Volume Lashes

Volume lash extensions are a great way to improve your looks and give your self-confidence a boost. Volume lashes are more dramatic than classic lashes and can help you feel glamorous even when you're wearing no makeup. If you've never gotten lash extensions before or have only had classic lashes, you're likely wondering what to expect. Here are three things to know about volume lashes before getting them for the first time. Read More 

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Putting the Cosmetics Pieces Together

When I was a young teenager, my mom would try to teach me how to apply makeup--but I didn't listen. Instead, I worked with my friends to experiment with makeup, which led to a few disasters. However, over time, I was able to pick up a few good habits, but it didn't mean that I was an expert. I had to learn the real tricks of the trade in college, which is why I made this blog dedicated to proper makeup application. I want to help young girls to know how to apply makeup the right way, so that they don't struggle with embarrassing school pictures and unsightly smeared eyes.