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Mink Lash Products—Natural-Looking Lashes That Are Easy To Use

Mink lashes contain genuine mink fur strands. The soft, fluttery appearance of mink lashes looks natural and can be used to add fullness and length to the lashes you were born with. Some mink products contain adhesive strips. An eyelash kit that does not contain an adhesive will require the use of a lash glue product. 


Mink lash products are designed to lengthen or thicken natural lashes. An extension will adhere directly to a natural lash. An extension is designed to mimic a longer lash length, without adding a lot of volume to the eye area. Extension products that are designed to increase the volume of natural lashes may consist of several mink fur groupings that are designed to adhere to natural lashes.

A mink product may contain mink fur that has not been processed. Some cosmetic manufacturers may use a series of natural and synthetic dyes to enhance mink lashes. Mascara can also be used to enhance a mink product that is designed to lengthen. Mink lashes can be worn on multiple occasions. If mascara will be used to accent fake lashes, the cosmetic should be wiped off of the lashes, after the lashes have been removed. 

Convenient To Secure

A lash adhesive or glue is a product that is gentle. This type of adhesive will hold a set of lashes in place for many hours. Mink lashes that contain adhesive strips will be less messy to secure than a lash product that will require the use of a separate adhesive. First, a consumer should shop for a product that contains a lash length and thickness that they prefer. Next, a shopper should ensure that a product has been designed for multiple uses.

Handmade and machine-made lash products may feature many lash styles. Upon choosing a product, a consumer will need to determine if they will need to purchase a separate glue product. A false eyelash applicator is a tool that can be used to line up fake lashes and apply an adhesive to them.

If a product contains an adhesive strip, the backing that is secured to a strip will need to be manually removed. After lashes have been secured, eye makeup can be applied to the eyes. Mink lashes should be removed nightly. A cosmetic remover can be used to loosen the adhesive from the eye area. A makeup remover product can also be used to remove mascara and traces of other eye makeup.

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