Putting the Cosmetics Pieces Together

A Lightly-Scented Balm That Soothes, Protects, And Improves Manageability

A smoky scent that is associated with a crackling fire or a wood stove or a warm woodsy scent that is reminiscent of fresh pine trees in a forest will complement your rugged exterior and tendency to participate in outdoor activities. If your beard is often neglected and stray hairs have a wiry appearance and rough texture, you may have been considering the removal of this 'manly' feature. Instead of drastically changing your appearance, use a scented beard balm that is designed to condition, protect, and soothe.

Use The Product After Showering Or Bathing

A beard balm possesses a whipped consistency that may remind you of lotion or butter. Balms contain ingredients that will not irritate sensitive skin and that could potentially strengthen strands of hair. A balm should be used when facial hair is slightly damp. Complete your normal showering or bathing routine. Apply shampoo to your beard and massage the product through the strands, to build up a deep lather. After rinsing the product, use a small dollop of conditioner to assist with relaxing the hair strands.

If you don't normally use conditioner, the beard balm will sufficiently soften the strands, allowing you to comb the strands with ease. After towel drying your beard, use a couple of fingertips to scoop some of the beard balm from its canister. Apply the balm liberally to each hair strand that is part of your beard. Use a comb or a styling brush to remove knots from your beard. Within a few minutes, your beard will be dry, but you will notice that it has a smoother, more refined appearance.

Reduce Touch Ups And Omit Cologne

It can be disturbing to notice that your beard has an unkempt appearance, midway through the day or after participating in strenuous activities. After using a beard balm, you may notice that your beard style holds for hours, in a similar manner that you would achieve if you were to use standard styling products. In addition, you won't need to douse yourself with cologne, in order to smell fresh.

A smoky scented beard balm will maintain its scent for hours. As you pass by others or hold a conversation face-to-face, the fresh scent will slowly waft through the air. Because balms are lightly scented, you won't need to be concerned about offending anyone with the aroma. Instead, most people will be pleased with the scent and you may receive some compliments.

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Putting the Cosmetics Pieces Together

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