Putting the Cosmetics Pieces Together

Why It's So Important To Use The Makeup Remover Made By The Same Label As Your Cosmetics

You can use any cosmetics to pretty up, but in all honesty, crossing over to another private label cosmetic manufacturer to use their makeup remover when you do not use their cosmetics is not a good idea. In fact, most cosmetics manufacturers suggest that you use their makeup remover with their cosmetics, and to avoid mixing brands when it comes to removing makeup. Here is why. 

Cosmetic Companies All Have Their Own Mixtures and Ingredients 

There are some basic standard ingredients in lipstick or mascara, but the rest of the ingredients are only tied to this or that manufacturer. That said, these companies create very specific makeup removal formulas that will easily remove all of the ingredients they presently use in their individual makeup lines.

Individual Makeup Removers Are Designed to Remove All Traces of the Makeup Made by Their Companies

You could use a makeup remover by Maybelline, for example, but you wear Clinique makeup. Not all of the makeup will come off when you use the one company's remover on the other company's makeup because the formulas for removing every trace of the makeup do not match up with the makeup line. It might be successful in removing most of the lipstick, all of the blush and foundation, but none of the mascara. Then you have to use a separate and different makeup remover to remove the rest of the lipstick and mascara. When you use the Clinique makeup remover with Clinique makeup, it all comes off, and likewise with Maybelline and any other makeup company that makes its own makeup remover. 

Multiple Makeup Removal Products Is Expensive

Makeup is not cheap. Women who wear makeup regularly spend hundreds of dollars on products each year. Removing that makeup should not cost you double or triple the cost to take the makeup off. Yet, some women will not use the makeup remover that was designed by the manufacturer to remove the majority of the makeup that they wear from that particular company. Instead, they are buying two or three different makeup removers and using them all to remove the makeup from different parts of their faces. That is just too much money that could be spent on a single product to remove all of the makeup all at once. 


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Putting the Cosmetics Pieces Together

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